Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) in Malaysia, through Cradle Fund Sdn. Bhd. (Cradle), has on Tuesday launched a series of micro- conferences, MYStartup NXT, as part of the efforts to create an inclusive, impactful and sustainable startup ecosystem in Malaysia.

This series of micro-conferences is a continuation of the successful roadshow initiative by MYStartup, Cradle said in a statement.

Starting with Cyberjaya, MYStartup NXT will be held across the country and proceed with Sarawak, Penang, and finally conclude in Sabah.

According to the statement, the micro-conferences aim to engage local startups across Malaysia, enabling access to the startup ecosystem support and benefits that will empower them to scale up to the next level.

It is noted that MYStartup is on a mission to create over 5,000 quality startups by 2030, and with Kuala Lumpur already being one of the top 25 emerging ecosystems globally, there is huge potential for other parts of Malaysia that must be actioned on.

“MYStartup NXT is part of the government’s effort to cultivate accessible innovation and support long-term startup development, in line with Malaysia MADANI’s aspirations, one of which is to build an innovative and high-tech nation,

“Thus, the launch of the MYStartup Annual Report today will assist the government to realise these aspirations through high impact programs,” said Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Chang Lih Kang.

According to Ahmad Kashfi Alwi, Cradle Senior Vice President of Ecosystem Development, MYStartup NXT series will enable and grow the country’s startup ecosystem equally and ensure that every local startup community.

“Whether from the Klang Valley, Northern or Southern region, East Coast or even East Malaysia, they do not miss out on receiving benefits from programs organized by MYStartup,

“MOSTI through Cradle reaffirm the commitment to create an ever-sustainable ecosystem that is inclusive, to see all local startups flourish and scale at a competitive level,” he added.

MYStartup has also on Tuesday introduced MYStartup Dev, a data-centric, community-driven platform exclusively designed to connect tech talents with talent development partners and upskilling programs.

MYStartup Dev will guide and teach new skills for career advancement, nurture networking with industry experts, and stay current with the latest skills and technologies, ultimately unlocking the full potential of young local tech talents in Malaysia.

Throughout the NXT tour, states and federal entities are encouraged to communicate continuously with each other to achieve the goal of cultivating and nurturing more startups throughout the country.

MYStartup Strategy is a national initiative by the MOSTI and Cradle.

It consists of several programs which aim to strengthen the startup ecosystem and community in Malaysia.

Among them are; MYStartup Roadshow, MYHackathon, MYStartup Pre-Accelerator, MYStartup Accelerator, MYStartup Internship and MYStartup Mentorship.

The programs aim to ensure startups are thoroughly guided starting from the ideation stage, trained, supported and opportunity to highlight their company profile to attract foreign investors.

The MYStartup Program is part of the Malaysian Startup Ecosystem Roadmap (SUPER), while Cradle as the focal point agency for the startup ecosystem which has been mandated to ensure that this strategy benefits the startup ecosystem as a whole.

This effort is also in tandem with MOSTI’s target of creating 5,000 start-ups and producing five unicorn status companies by 2025.

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