Singapore-based healthtech startup Mito Health has raised SGD$1.7 million ($1.27 million) in an oversubscribed pre-seed funding round to develop an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered health startup that aims to revolutionize preventative care.

Mito Health said in a statement on Tuesday that the round was led by Forge Ventures, with participation from notable angel investors such as founders and executives from ShopBack, Carousell, PatSnap, Glints, SingLife, Rainforest and OhMyHome.

According to the statement, the pre-seed funding will go towards hiring and product development.

The startup currently has an actively growing waitlist in Singapore and has begun seeing early clients for their product offering.

Mito Health’s initial focus is on serving the executives demographic in Singapore, with plans to expand regionally into other developed markets.

The firm guides users through rigorous optimization cycles throughout their member experience using digital coaching in the areas of diet, exercise, supplements, and sleep.

Mito Health’s co-founders include Tee-Ming Chew and Kenneth Lou, who previously co-founded and exited Seedly after seven years, Joel Kek, who previously led engineering teams from zero to one including TraceTogether at GovTech, and Dr. Ryan Ware, a former surgeon and resident.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ryan believes that “Personalized, preventative strategies are key to extending lifespan while preserving physical and cognitive quality of life, and AI will pave the way to widespread accessibility of bespoke care.”

CTO Joel Kek shared “Imagine having an always-accessible medical team that understands you well, helping you to improve health and performance. This currently exists for athletes and the ultrawealthy. Mito Health makes this accessible by combining deep medical expertise with advanced AI models.”

Mito Health augments medical expertise with AI to create personalized health plans for customers based on their diagnostic results and wearable data, with a key focus on optimising health to extend their healthspan – years free from disability and diseases.

It aims to serve the health-conscious demographic, individuals who are looking for strategies to maintain their health beyond annual checkups and supplements.

“With an ageing population and an increasing emphasis on healthy years, preventative healthcare is becoming more pertinent,

“We’re excited to support Mito Health’s vision to bring personalized preventative care to more people using AI and cutting-edge technology,” said Tiang Lim Foo, General Partner at Forge Ventures, who led the pre-seed funding round.

Alongside other notable angel investors including Henry Chan and Joel Leong from ShopBack, Quek Siu Rui from Carousell, Jeffery Tiong from PatSnap, Oswald Yeo from Glints, Varun Mittal from SingLife, JJ Chai from Rainforest, Race Wong from OhMyHome, Damon Lye from ErgoTune who participated in this round.

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