Social Bread, an Indonesia-based digital marketing marketplace to support business owners, predominantly small and medium enterprises (SMEs), has been officially launched.

This was after the firm raising $400,000 seed funding led by East Ventures.

Social Bread said in a statement on Tuesday that this round of funding is also participated by Living Lab Ventures.

It said that this fresh fund is to develop a differentiated technology platform to impact its merchant ecosystem.

According to the statement, Social Bread is building a differentiated live shopping experience so that it will scale and boost merchants’ sales by at least ten times within one year.

“We are thrilled to officially launch Social Bread. We strongly believe Social Bread is the game changer in leveling the playing field of SMEs, particularly in leveraging social media to tap into the customers,” said Edho Zell, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Social Bread.

“With an extensive experience of the team in the digital industry, we provide end-to-end solutions for business owners at a competitive price,”

“We would also like to thank the investors’ trust through this round of funding. We believe this fund serves as a testament to our mission, bringing advancement and real impact to business owners and content creators, ” he added.

Herman Widjaja, Commissioner at Social Bread, said that at Social Bread, the firm always push itself to empower SMEs to reach the next level by empowering digital marketing and social media presence.

“SMEs have been the foundational growth of any developed market; and, we need to empower our SMEs for ‘2045 Indonesia Emas’ goal. We are excited with the partnership with East Ventures and Living Lab,

“Together, we will build a differentiated technology platform to allow our SMEs to grow and scale organically,” he added.

Social Bread was co-founded by Edho Zell (Chief Executive Officer), Lydia Susanti (Chief Operating Officer), Ester Jeanette (Chief Marketing Officer), and Messiah Richardo (Chief Technology Officer) in 2020.

Having similar experiences in digital and social media marketing, these co-founders realized the big potential of social media in influencing customers’ purchasing decisions as social media have been part of most people’s daily life today.

However, many business owners and SMEs struggle to leverage social media to grow their businesses because of limited resources, expertise, and skills to manage their social media accounts. Not all SMEs have a dedicated team or can hire a digital agency as it requires a significant investment budget.

Social Bread is founded to eliminate those two main problems by providing a platform to connect SMEs with local influencers and content creators.

Prior to making the recommendations, Social Bread will try to analyze and understand the goal or need of the SMEs.

It allows Social Bread to provide recommendations that are based on the industry of the SMEs, type of platform and content to suit the targeted audience, and even number of content creators or followers to achieve the goal.

Once the onboarding process is done, SMEs will be connected to the content creators or mainly named creator partners in Social Bread.

The creator partners will play the role not only of producing the content based on the agreed direction, but will also be the ones who manage the social media accounts of the SMEs.

It allows business owners to take more focus on running or expanding their business and letting the content creators to maximize the potential of these social media accounts fully.

It is also noted that Live Shopping commerce is growing rapidly in Indonesia and has become a need in a lot of small businesses.

Social Bread also just launched its new feature, “Live shopping” to provide their needs and connect live streamers to manage their live shopping.

“We welcome Social Bread into the East Ventures’ ecosystem. With the digital economy’s big potential, Social Bread not only bridges SMEs and content creators but also helps SMEs, one of Indonesia’s economic backbone, to grow their businesses,

“We look forward to experiencing more excitement and positive impact brought by the Edho and team,” said Melisa Irene, Partner at East Ventures.

Since 2020, Social Bread has supported more than 500 Small and Mid-size Businesses (SMBs) from the Greater Jakarta Area, Surabaya, and other cities in Indonesia in driving their sales growth through the usage of social media.

Social Bread comprises a team of 50 members and manages more than 5,000 registered creator partners.

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