Pantheon Lab, a Hong Kong startup that specializes in creating digital humans with artificial intelligence (AI) technology to serve a plethora of industries, announced Tuesday that it has completed latest seed round of funding.

Among its investors is Eureka Nova, an open innovation platform under New World Development, Pantheon Lab said in a statement.

This marks the first time Pantheon Lab receives capital injection from a property developer.

The two parties also signed a partnership agreement, which involves the exploration of GPT technology (Generative Pre-training) to produce AI Digital Humans for different New World projects, assisting New World in expanding the development of PropTech (property technology).

Funding to boost tech development and strengthen business applications, Pantheon Lab will use the new round of funding, partially from New World, to expand its scale,
boost technology research and product development etc.

In addition, New World and Pantheon Lab have signed a partnership agreement wherein Pantheon Lab will explore and
utilize GPT technology to produce AI digital humans for commercial applications, assisting New World in developing PropTech.

These applications may vary and will be based on the project nature and business needs of New World Development.

“We are grateful for the support New World has given to Pantheon Lab. The team will use the newly raised funds to strengthen its technology research and development, allowing AI digital humans to be better applied to the commercial level and embracing AI for Good to make a positive impact on society,

“More specifically, the team will explore the use of bespoke AI digital humans in various New World projects, with the aims of assisting New World’s PropTech development in different areas, and improving its service quality and efficiency, as well as contributing to sustainable development initiatives,” said Ivan Lau, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Pantheon Lab.

In addition, Pantheon Lab will participate in the GBA Accelerator programme by Eureka Nova, an open innovation platform under New World.

Through the accelerator programme, Pantheon Lab aims to explore other collaboration opportunities across the New World ecosystem and, with the help of Eureka Nova, eyes the enormous GBA market for the expansion of its business footprint.

“New World Development has long been collaborating with various startups, and leveraging their innovative technology research to accelerate our PropTech development, including K11’s wide application of robots developed by startups,

“Recently, as the focus pivots to the advancement of AI technology, we are delighted to partner with Pantheon Lab and introduce their marketready AI digital human technology to the group’s property management and customer services, diversifying the Group’s PropTech development,” said Ben Wong, General Manager of Technology & Innovation at New World Development.

Established in 2019, Pantheon Lab specializes in creating AI digital humans that can communicate in real time using generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, such as hyper-realistic face synthesis, facial expression and gesture automation, and voice synthesis.

To date, it has launched the digital human auto-generation platform AIDOL Studio, instant text to video application, and auto social media advertisement generator

The company has also collaborated with a number of renowned brands.

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