Singapore-based Blockchain Founders Fund (BFF) has on Monday announced the final close of its Fund II at $75 million.

BFF said in a statement, the funding saw participation from key investors, family offices and institutions in the industry including Polygon, Ripple, Octava, NEO Global Capital (NGC), Appworks, Sebastien Borget (Chief Operating Officer of The Sandbox), GSR, LD Capital, Metavest Capital, and more.

It said BFF’s Fund II aims to support high growth potential pre-seed and seed stage Web3 and blockchain startups.

The firm announced its principal close of BFF Fund II early last year.

BFF is one of the leading venture capital funds in the industry, with a focus on supporting high potential early stage (pre-seed and seed) startups that redefine and streamline the mass adoption of Web3 and blockchain technology.

“We are honored and grateful for the support Blockchain Founders Fund has received from top institutions and industry leaders. Through our collaborations with the most innovative startups in the Web3 ecosystem, we have made significant investments that have already started to reshape industries,

“As we close this fund, we remain committed to supporting the next generation of visionary entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of Web3 and blockchain technologies. Together, we can build a more decentralized, transparent, and equitable world,” said Aly Madhavji, Managing Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund.

Currently, BFF has invested in over 100 startups including Altered State Machine, Splinterlands, GRID, Krayon and Magna.

Despite the bear market, BFF continues to be amongst the most active Web3 investors, making 50 investments in the past 12 months.

The team works extremely closely with portfolio founders through its venture program that provides execution focused support across business functions including marketing, growth hacking, tokenomics, fundraising, and more to accelerate and drive success.

BFF has also built a global collective of more than 350+ executive advisors in its Expert Network, which provides a comprehensive and exciting environment for portfolio companies to collaborate with leading investors and industry experts, including business advisors, entrepreneurs, mentors and blockchain thought-leaders.

The network connects its members to a wide range of resources and helps them establish meaningful relationships in the blockchain space.

“Building meaningful relationships is at the core of what we do as a company and we take great pride in creating an environment built on mutual respect, shared goals and supporting each other’s success,

“We are thrilled to be closing our Fund II and to be continuing our journey of investing in great founders,” said Mansoor Madhavji, Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund.

The successful close of BFF Fund II marks a milestone for BFF.

Since the fund’s launch in 2018, BFF has had the privilege to partner with some of the most innovative startups in Web3 landscape and has made significant investments.

As the firm looks ahead, it is eager to expand its footprint globally, further solidifying its commitment to shaping the future of Web3 and blockchain technologies.

“I am very excited to continue working closely with our portfolio companies and support them with all necessary tools to become a leader in the space,

“Our firm has diligently accumulated a comprehensive set of resources and tools over the course of four years to provide the best possible environment for companies to succeed,” said Tobias Bauer, Partner at BFF.

BFF is a leading early stage (seed and pre-seed) Web3 Venture Capital fund which invests in top-tier founders globally.

Its backers include a strategic mix of the leading firms in the crypto and traditional finance world.

The firm invests in highly-promising startups taking a go-to-market focus and a hands-on approach to drive value.

It helps curate strategic partnerships, hire talent, accelerate growth and ensure portfolio founders are well capitalized.

Its team is comprised of builders and operators that have scaled many of the leading Blockchain startups and are on a mission to support all-star teams shaping the Web3 industry.