DishServe, an Indonesia-based food tech startup, has announced that it is pivoting its business model and is now focusing on the automation of back of house operations for restaurants, cafes and delivery only kitchens.

In a statement, DishServe said it decision to change its business model to a cloud-based kitchen is research backed and based on key findings, such as identifying minimal margins due to profits being absorbed by food delivery apps and the high cost of goods sold (COGS) because of the lower scale of production.

Initially created in December 2020 to help small and medium food and beverage (F&B) brands expand through its use of proprietary technology and a network of delivery-only kitchens, DishServe has taken strategic steps to answer the various challenges posed by the industry.

The constraints faced by many small and medium F&B brands, such as a lack of research and development (R&D) on their food menu and inconsistency in the quality of goods produced due to manual cooking processes have pushed the company to explore a new strategic approach.

Since September 2022, DishServe has identified significant gaps within the industry and are now providing solutions to restaurants, cafes and delivery-only kitchens, allowing them to
improve efficiencies through automation and increase revenue by providing them access to brands.

“With this remodel, we will focus on helping under-utilised kitchens develop a sustainable business by leveraging our proprietary technological solutions,

“This will help us achieve our mission of becoming the next multi-brand, asset light and high-quality food service provider of Indonesia,” said Rishabh Singhi, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of DishServe.

In light of the new direction, DishServe has developed a series of new innovations to help kitchen partners optimise sales.

DishServe provides one stop solutions, which focus on automating all aspects of the back of house operations for kitchen partners, ranging from brands, food delivery app integrations, pricing and promotions automation, financial reconciliations, inventory management, supply chain and logistics, customer service, QR code based dine in, and much more, all through its mobile application.

DishServe has built brands that are focused, and promotes high-quality food by improving access, affordability and taste.

DishServe’s brands improve affordability by mass manufacturing products in an automated factory, which not only optimizes the cost of producing goods but also maintains consistent quality.

By having a hyperlocal network of kitchens in 10 Indonesian cities, customers will have access to a great variety of high-quality food within a 2km radius.

With potentially limitless delivery-only kitchens and over 300,000 small cafes and restaurants in Indonesia, there is a sizable existing market that stands to benefit from Dishserve’s innovations.

The company’s mature cohort of kitchens are already making additional revenue of $2000, with all other cohorts also trending towards a similar amount of revenue.

DishServe plans to add 4000 such eateries by 2026 to reach $100 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR).

It aims to turn profitable by the third quarter of 2023.

DishServe is a F&B platform that helps small business such as cafes, restaurants and delivery only kitchens with brands, technology, trainings, which enable them to earn more revenue by elevating customer experience.

The firm has helped more than 200 kitchen partners across ten Indonesian cities.

To date, DishServe is backed by global investors such as Insignia Ventures Partners, Genting Group, Stonewater Ventures, Ratio Ventures, Rutland Ventures, 300x Ventures, and MyAsiaVC.

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