PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GoTo) has on Wednesday unveiled a strengthened GoTo Group leadership team, as the company continues to focus on enhancing corporate governance as well as faster and more efficient execution to drive the business towards profitability.

GoTo said in a statement that Agus Martowardojo will be appointed as Commissioner.

Martowardojo brings over 30 years of experience in banking and finance, and is one of Indonesia’s most respected business and regulatory figures.

His senior roles include President Director of Bank Mandiri from 2005-2010, and Governor of Indonesia’s Central Bank from 2013 until 2018.

Prior to that, Martowardojo held the post of Indonesia’s Minister of Finance (2010-2013).

Meanwhile, Marjorie Lao will be appointed as Independent Commissioner.

Lao brings with her deep experience in corporate finance, having been Chief Financial Officer at LEGO Group and held leadership roles at Cisco Systems, Inc, McKinsey & Company and The Procter & Gamble Company.

She also holds board positions at Logitech and the European advisory board of Harvard Business School.

Patrick Sugito Walujo, on the other hand, will be appointed as Commissioner.

Patrick is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Northstar group, which was formed in 2003 and has grown to become one of Indonesia’s leading private investment firms.

Patrick started his career at Goldman Sachs London and New York and is a former Senior Vice-President at Pacific Century Ventures, Tokyo.

GoTo has also appointed Winato Kartono as Commissioner.

Winato is a founding partner at Provident, with 25 years of experience in founding, investing, building and operating businesses.

He began his career at Bank Sumitomo Niaga, then moved to Arthur Andersen Indonesia, prior to joining Citigroup.

Winato spent 8 years at Citigroup and rose to the position of Head of Investment Banking in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Kevin Aluwi will step down from the Board of Commissioners while remaining a holder of Multiple Voting Shares (MVS) of the company.

Anthony Wijaya will also step down from the Board of Directors to focus more of his time on GoTo’s e-commerce strategy as Tokopedia’s Chief Operating Officer.

The company will also appoint two additional members to the Board of Directors.

Pablo Malay, Director and Chief Corporate Officer, will oversee Corporate Development, Partnerships and Legal, while Nila Marita, Director and Head of External Affairs, will oversee Corporate Affairs as well as Public Policy and Government Relations.

“…Their appointments reflect GoTo’s commitment to ensuring rich expertise and diverse views, including those of our shareholders, that will aid us as we execute the Group’s strategy to drive further growth and efficiency…” said Andre Soelistyo, GoTo Chief Executive Officer.

GoTo has also appointed Presidents to lead each of its three business units.

Melissa Siska Juminto, currently GoTo Chief Human Resources Officer, and Tokopedia Chief Operating Officer, will be appointed President, E-Commerce, while retaining her Group HR role.

Catherine Hindra Sutjahyo, currently Head of Food and Indonesia Sales & Ops, Gojek, will be appointed President, On-Demand Services.

Hans Patuwo, currently Head of Payments and Financial Services at GoTo Financial will be appointed President, Financial Technology.

All three Presidents are highly experienced within their respective businesses and will report directly to the GoTo Group Chief Executive Officer, Andre Soelistyo, while working closely together to leverage synergies between the business units.

At the same time, William Tanuwijaya will transition from his day to day executive responsibilities at Tokopedia to dedicate his time primarily to GoTo Group business.

He will continue in his role as GoTo Commissioner, as Co-Chairman together with Garibaldi Thohir, and play a more active role in supporting GoTo management in the implementation of long term company strategy.

“Appointing Presidents to support the Group is a key and unifying step for us as we aim to drive the ecosystem forward as one GoTo,” said Andre.

“The group has embarked on a new chapter as a listed company, which calls for a new type of management that can work together towards the common goal of establishing GoTo as a globally unique ecosystem,

“…I am proud that we are able to elevate homegrown talent of this caliber into these bigger roles, so the company can benefit from fresh ideas and renewed focus as we progress on our accelerated path to profitability,” he added.

GoTo has also reconfigured elements of its leadership structure to strengthen decision making and streamline execution.

According to the statement, a new Technology Office will be created to build common engineering platform tools which can scale across the group to accelerate innovation and integration, while reducing costs.

The Technology Office will be led by Severan Rault, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Gojek who will take on a new role as GoTo Chief Technology Officer.

Meanwhile, a Shared Consumer Platform office will be created to accelerate and unify the one GoTo experience for customers.

This will be led by Tokopedia’s Chief Product Officer, Ramesh Gururaja, who will also take on the additional responsibility of leading the Shared Consumer Platform office.

GoTo has also initiated a process to rationalize its delivery and fulfillment capabilities across Gojek and Tokopedia under GoTo Logistics.

Kevin Widlansky, Chief Executive Officer of Swift Fulfillment and Logistics, a subsidiary of GoTo, will lead GoTo Logistics as Head.

Investor Relations will be re-aligned under Group Chief Financial Officer, Jacky Lo, whose responsibilities will expand to also encompass all investor engagement and the group’s financial reporting obligations.

GoTo Group President Patrick Cao, will transition to a new role to lead the GoTo Future Fund, an endowment fund, which will focus on sustainable investing that supports GoTo’s ‘Three Zeroes’ by 2030 commitments (zero emissions, zero waste, zero barriers).

GoTo’s revenue rises 30 percent year on year to $375M in 3Q