PixCap, a web-based 3D design platform in Singapore that allows users to find, create and export 3D designs in minutes, has on Tuesday announced its $2.8 million seed funding led by Surge, the rapid scale-up program from Sequoia Capital India and Southeast Asia.

The round included participation from Cocoon Capital, Entrepreneur First and Angel investor Michael Gryseels, PixCap said in a statement.

The funding marks the next step of PixCap’s expansion into global markets as it looks to grow its engineering and marketing teams, further product development and community building.

“Brands and creatives can tap on PixCap to create beautiful 3D designs in minutes. As brands shift towards 3D design for app banners, social media ads and landing pages, having easy-to-use 3D design tools at their fingertips will allow designers and marketers to create attractive and engaging visuals to support brand growth,

“We are proud to further our mission with the new funding round, which will contribute to talent acquisition, product development and community building for global expansion,” said CJ Looi, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of PixCap.

Founded in 2020, PixCap is a web-based 3D design platform that allows users to easily find, edit, collaborate on, and export both static and animated 3D content for social media ads, landing pages, app and product design, and more.

The company’s mission is to unlock the vast potential of 3D for design and marketing through its easy-to-use platform and 3D templates.

The firm provides an extensive library of 3D templates and models (users can also import their own) for users to edit and customise on the platform, and export unlimited images and videos based on these templates – all without requiring 3D experience.

According to the statement, many designers opt to create in 2D as editing 3D design is challenging. For example, editing designs to align with brand guidelines, colours and camera angles is strenuous and usually requires deep 3D expertise that is not accessible to every marketer and designer.

Inspired by the founders’ childhood love for intricate animations and art in video games, PixCap was created to empower anyone to unlock the potential of 3D for design and marketing.

Its browser-based editor contains thousands of 3D assets and templates that range from simple to professional – anyone, including designers, developers and artists, can explore their creativity and create beautiful designs in minutes.

Users from all over the world can access and collaborate on the same projects using a single link, as no software or app downloads are required with PixCap.

3D designs can be edited and exported directly from users’ browsers, and all models, scenes and animations are available for commercial use.

For advanced 3D users, the platform also supports GLTF and FBX exports to 3D software such as Unity, Maya, Cinema4D and Blender.

PixCap has achieved success with over 30,000 users from more than 60 countries including United States, India, UK and Southeast Asia.

PixCap was founded by CJ Looi and Cyril Nie in April 2020. CJ, who studied finance, pivoted into computer engineering and went on to hold roles in robotic vision and computer graphics at Dorabot Inc and a few startups before founding PixCap.

Cyril, who holds an MSc in Computer Science from University College London, has worked as a technology consultant and a Software Engineer at PA Consulting.

CJ’s background and expertise in robotics, 3D and computer vision, combined with Cyril’s background in full-stack engineering and cloud computing allowed the pair to create a unique browser-based product in the 3D space.

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