Singapore-based electric motorcycle firm Scorpio Electric Pte. Ltd. has successfully raised $6.75 million to further develop and test its first electric motorcycle, the Scorpio Electric X1.

Scorpio Electric said in a statement on Thursday the funds will be used to manufacture the first batch of X1 pre-production prototypes. Mass production and global deliveries of the X1 are set to commence in the second half of 2023.

To expand the future portfolio of vehicle model line-up, funds will also be allocated to develop new premium electric motorcycle models and variants that support the onward global march towards adoption of more sustainable energy alternatives.

Scorpio Electric is a smart electric vehicle company specializing in high-performance electric motorcycles.

The X1, named after the most powerful star in the Scorpio constellation, is designed to challenge the boundaries of urban electric mobility.

The X1 features a futuristic and unique design in a practical maxi-scooter form factor.

Delivering dynamic ride qualities and handling capabilities, the X1 is equipped with the latest smart rider technology and connectivity.

Through state-of-the-art style, performance and technology, the X1 gives riders a new way to connect with their cities — and lights the way for future iterations to come.

Scorpio Electric has experienced significant breakthroughs throughout 2022, some of which include additional research and development of the future motorcycles’ models, crystallization of production pipelines, and timelines.

Scorpio Electric has seen rapid business development, and anticipates many more inbound lucrative opportunities.

With the support of investors, Scorpio Electric will be one step closer to realizing its vision of becoming a global brand in the electric mobility space.

“Developing an international product of high standards is no meagre task, and our engineering team is working tirelessly to validate and test the X1,” said Joshua Goh, the Chief Executive Officer of Scorpio Electric.

“The pandemic presented our business with plenty of hurdles. It was a contributing factor to our new production timelines,

“Moving into 2023, international travel has reopened and we are working closely with a Chinese conglomerate to assemble the X1. We have plenty of supporters and business partners who are anticipating eagerly. This year will be an exciting one,” he added.

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