Suryanesia, an Indonesian clean energy company, has on Thursday announced the completion of a $2 million seed round of financing led by Intudo Ventures.

The round also saw the participation from a number of angel investors that includes executives from leading management consulting companies, private equity firms and sovereign wealth funds, Suryanesia said in a statement.

This round represents Suryanesia’s first external round of financing.

With this round of financing, Suryanesia plans to grow its team to accelerate marketing efforts and project delivery.

In addition to its commercial and industrial offerings, the company has longer-term plans to expand into residential solar and independent power production (wind power, battery storage, etc.) to more comprehensively meet Indonesia’s rising demand for renewable energy.

“Our mission is to empower consumers, businesses and governments to harness new technologies and solutions that solve climate change,” said Rheza Adhihusada, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Suryanesia.

“As the world’s 4th most populous country that is projected to be the 4th largest economy by 2050, Indonesia acts as a key battleground in the fight against climate change,

“We are excited to help our clients save and go green, and in doing so accelerate Indonesia’s transition toward renewable energy,” he added.

Founded in August 2021, Suryanesia provides commercial and industrial clients access to renewable energy.

With its Solar-as-a-Service solution, Suryanesia finances, installs, operates, and maintains solar power systems on its clients’ rooftops, and the clean energy generated helps clients save on electricity bills and reduce carbon footprint.

With no upfront client investment, Suryanesia has experienced strong demand across all sectors. 

The Suryanesia team aspires to deliver a seamless client experience by providing end-to-end service, including client education, engineering, and regulatory management to ensure clients have peace of mind as they enjoy energy savings.

The team performs rigorous structural analyses and provides strengthening recommendations to make sure client buildings are safe for solar panel installation.

According to the statement, Solar-as-a-Service has strong appeal to clients with large rooftop spaces and high electricity consumption – such as Suryanesia’s clients who are mall owners as well as manufacturers in the fast moving consumer group (FMCG), textile, pharma, plastics, industrial goods, and furniture sectors – as they can save $20,000 to $50,000 on an annual basis.

The solution is also attractive for multinational and publicly-listed companies as they strive to decarbonize to meet sustainability targets. 

Suryanesia is led by a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about climate action. Rheza Adhihusada was previously a strategy consultant at Bain & Co, where through projects in philanthropy and renewable energy he became inspired to contribute toward solving climate change.

He is joined by Nikesh Shamdasani (Head of Engineering), who brings deep engineering expertise having installed 17 MWp solar power systems across Indonesia, and Grant Adsit (Head of Business Development), who was previously a marketing executive at Colliers where he advised commercial clients on their real estate strategy. 

“Over the next decade, we believe that Indonesia will be a driving force for decarbonization,” said Patrick Yip, Founding Partner, Intudo Ventures.

“Suryanesia’s Solar-as-a-Service offerings help commercial and industrial stakeholders reduce their carbon footprint while improving profitability,

“We are excited to join the Suryanesia team on this mission, and look forward to their efforts in creating a greener future for Indonesia,” he added.

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