Singapore’s one-stop farm-to-table solution for food traceability and data analytics The GrowHub Innovations Company (The GrowHub) has on Friday announced its strategic partnership with ManukaLife, a Western Australia’s high-grade manuka plantation developer and producer of premium-grade manuka products.

The GrowHub said in a statement the firm will be ManukaLife’s appointed distributor for some of its premium-grade manuka honey, royal jelly, and oil products in Southeast Asia and China.

Shoppers will now be able to purchase ManukaLife’s famed Manuka honey, Royal Jelly and Propolis sachets, and Medicated Throat Spray. Other products will also be available on The GrowHub partner retail channels in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China as well as from its own ecommerce shop.

To support the distribution of its products, The GrowHub will provide ManukaLife with its Web-3 technology framework that enables traceability and authentication of its products using machine learning and artificial intelligence which automatically detects imitations and suspicious behavior.

Stakeholders from origin to destination are able to easily trace the history of the product along the supply chain and validate its authenticity.

In addition to this, The GrowHub will also provide ManukaLife customer analytics to understand the reception of its products in the markets.

Through data available via The GrowHub, ManukaLife will be able to gain a better understanding of the perception of the product by consumers, identify optimal product pricing, and generate other key insights that will help them better market their products to customers in the region.

“We have always placed our focus in the Southeast Asia and North Asia region. This partnership with ManukaLife has given us the opportunity to look beyond traceability, minimising chances of product counterfeiting in order to protect brands and build trust and confidence among our consumers,” said Lester Chan, Chief Executive Officer of the GrowHub.

“In a short span of time, The GrowHub has seen massive growth and traction among such premium food brands in our portfolio. With the onboard of more brands, we are committed to innovating our technology in the long term,” he added.

The GrowHub’s partnership with Western Australia’s ManukaLife aligns with the former’s goal to provide access to the Asia Pacific market and make emerging technologies available to food producers of all sizes.

Early this year, it signed a five-year lease agreement with the Food Innovation Precinct Western Australia (FIPWA) to establish Western Australia’s first food innovation centre, creating a corridor between Singapore and Australia for agri-innovation, research, and commercialisation of food products.

It also enables Australian food companies and producers to gain access to blockchain technologies that enhance traceability and safeguard food authenticity.

“Building a reliable distribution channel for our high-value products is key to the success of ManukaLife. Thus, we make it a point to partner with only the most reputable e-commerce platforms and supply chain enablers who are industry experts in the marketing and sale of complex and delicate products such as ours,” said Paul Callander, Managing Director, ManukaLife.

“We are delighted to work with The GrowHub and maximize its Web3 ecosystem to guarantee the integrity and authenticity of our high-grade Manuka honey and oil products as they make their way to our customers in Southeast Asia,” he added.

The GrowHub is Asia Pacific’s only Web 3-enabled technology plug-and-play ecosystem builder focusing on food traceability and carbon credits.

The firm has strong and exclusive relations with the government bodies in Western Australia and Singapore – Food Innovation Precinct Western Australia (FIPWA) and PEEL Development, Shire of Murray.

Currently, in eight markets across Australia and the Asia Pacific, The GrowHub offers access to trusted premium products at affordable rates through developing new agri-food and blockchain technologies emerging from its innovation centre at FIPWA.

Singapore’s The Growhub inks 5-year partnership with FIPWA to build Southeast Asia’s food bowl