Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer VinFast on Thursday announced its participation in Los Angeles Auto Show 2022 (LA Auto Show 2022) from November 17 to 28, 2022, and will be showcasing its four EV models in the B-C-D-E segments.

For the first time, customers in California will be able to ride along VF 8, directly experience the integrated smart technology and the detailed designs of two models VF 6 and VF 7, VinFast said in a statement.

At LA Auto Show, VinFast will display four all-electric SUV models, the VF 6, VF 7, VF 8 and VF 9 which represent the most popular segments B-C-D-E accordingly.

For the first time, U.S customers will experience the interior and exterior design details of the VF 6 and VF 7 models crafted by Torino Design.

VinFast’s vehicles will be displayed at the center of the Los Angeles Convention Center’s South Hall, in booth S-216. The booth employs streamlined and modern designs with VinFast signature white and blue branding accents.

In addition to the exhibition, for the first time, customers in California will also be able to experience a VF 8 ride-along at the test track area at the LA Auto Show.

The activity affirms VinFast’s rapid development of the VF 8 production vehicle from when it debuted as a show car at the LA Auto Show 2021. 

“Returning to the LA Auto Show 2022 after one year of revealing our EV brand, we want to show global audiences that the future of mobility is about to become a reality, and VF 8 vehicles are about to be delivered to customers all over the world,” said Le Thi Thu Thuy, Vingroup Vice Chairwoman and VinFast Chairwoman said:

“With four electric SUVs across all segments and flexible sales policies – with batteries or with battery subscription, VinFast offers diverse options to consumers, helping them easily access high-quality electric vehicles, reasonable prices and excellent service to move toward a greener and more sustainable future,” she said.

Meanwhile, LA Auto Show Owner and Chief Executive Officer Lisa Kaz said :”We have been watching VinFast’s development since its launch at LA Auto Show 2021 and are very excited about what VinFast will bring to this year’s exhibition.”

“Their commitment to the consumer experience paired with their support of electric vehicles is highlighted throughout their company. We are proud to accompany VinFast on their global electrification journey, promoting consumers to adopt and use electric vehicles towards a greener and more sustainable future,” she said.

A year after revealing the global EV brand, VinFast has received the support of customers around the world with more than 65,000 reservations for the VF 8 and VF 9 to date.

From September 2022, VinFast has started to deliver VF 8 to customers in Vietnam, and is about to ship thousands of vehicles to international markets by the end of this year. 

VinFast – a member of Vingroup – envisioned to drive the movement of global smart electric vehicle revolution.

Established in 2017, the firm owns a state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing complex with globally leading scalability that boasts up to 90 percent automation in Hai Phong, Vietnam.

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