Society Pass Incorporated, Southeast Asia’s (SEA) data-driven fintech and e-commerce ecosystem, has on Wednesday introduced the new Nusatrip Chief Executive Officer and announced its strategic plans moving forward, expanding Nusatrip business coverage throughout SEA.

The recent acquisition of Nusatrip International Pte Ltd (Nusatrip), a Indonesia-based pioneer in the Online Travel Agent (OTA) sector, has extended Society Pass’ reach into the booming SEA regional travel industry with a strong commitment to developing a vibrant online travel platform for both merchants and consumers in SEA, Society Pass said in a statement.

Society Pass executives also announced the appointment of Nusatrip’s new Chief Executive Officer Johanes (Joe) Chang, welcoming Nusatrip into Society Pass’ growing ecosystem of technology enabled companies, joining the Society Pass team in its brand new Indonesia office in Jakarta and unveiling Nusatrip’s new logo and features for its website and app.

“We are happy to announce the opening of Society Pass’ and Nusatrip’s Indonesia office as one of our important milestones in synergistically growing the OTA business within the Society Pass e-commerce ecosystem and loyalty platform,

“With his many years of experience in managing travel and technology companies, Joe will immensely contribute and drive Nusatrip to greater heights in the years ahead,” said Dennis Nguyen, Society Pass Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Society Pass steps into the Indonesia market with a big agenda; to strengthen its position as the pioneer of the next-generation digital ecosystem and loyalty platform in Indonesia and throughout SEA.

The firm looks to acquire attractively valued companies in SEA to join its next generation digital ecosystem with key focuses on loyalty, lifestyle, food and beverage (F&B) delivery, telecommunications, digital media, and travel.

“Jo will drive our journey in generating new revenue streams by integrating Nusatrip’s robust technology and operational efficiency of its leading e-commerce travel platform into our ecosystem,

“We are reenergizing the OTA business in Indonesia and throughout SEA, to meet the increasing demand of pre-pandemic travel in the regions. More importantly, both Society Pass and Nusatrip aim to boost the travel and digital economy sectors in Indonesia,” said Patrick Soetanto, Society Pass Indonesia Country Manager.

Chang said by integrating into the Society Pass fintech and e-commerce ecosystem, Nusatrip embarks on regional expansion and unlimited avenues to grow more channels and revenue streams.

“With strong support from Society Pass and partners, we are gearing up towards the recovery of the travel industry in Indonesia and SEA in 2023 and 2024,” he said.

According to him, Nusatrip’s mission is to become a world-class OTA and the most reliable partner for airlines and hotels, offering wide range of travel and tourism related products, services, and experiences to our customers and business partners globally.

“With our industry recovering from the pandemic, we will continue working within our digital ecosystem and loyalty platform to offer better travel products and services for our customers across SEA,” he said.

Founded in 2013, NusaTrip is an International Air Transport Association (IATA) licensed online travel agency that serves both local and global customers and partners by optimizing cutting-edge technology and providing quality customer-centric support team-as-a-service.

In 2022, NusaTrip has officially joined the Society Pass ecosystem, with headquarters in Jakarta and representative offices in Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand.

Founded in 2018 as a data-driven loyalty, fintech and e-commerce ecosystem in the fast-growing markets of Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, and with offices located in Angeles, Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Manila, and Singapore, Society Pass is an acquisition-focused holding company operating six interconnected verticals (loyalty, digital media, travel, telecoms, lifestyle, and F&B).

The firm completed an initial public offering and began trading on the Nasdaq in November 2021.

Vietnam’s Society Pass marks first foray into Indonesia by acquiring Jakarta-based NusaTrip