CureBay, an India-based health-tech platform, said Thursday it has raised INR 50 crore ($6.12 million) in a Series A funding round led by Elevar Equity.

With plans to launch 100 eClinics in the next 12 months, the capital will be invested into acquiring skilled talent, expanding to new locations, and further strengthening the tech platform and care delivery model, CureBay said in a statement.

“The healthcare ecosystem needs an innovative model that enables it to collaborate on a real-time basis to deliver health outcomes to patients across the country. With CureBay, we intend to empower the healthcare system and make it accessible to patients who lack information and proper medical resources,

“Our hybrid model helps in overcoming the challenges of skewed patient-provider ratios and the concentration of providers in a few urban pockets. We want to thank Elevar Equity for its trust in our mission to provide the Right to Health for every citizen even in the remotest locations of India. The capital will enable the next phase of expansion and help reinforce our position in the country,” said Priyadarshi Mohapatra, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CureBay.

Founded in 2021 by Priyadarshi Mohapatra, Shobhan Mahapatra, and Sanjay Swain, CureBay enables the last-mile distribution of primary healthcare services by leveraging technology and a network of eClinics that make quality healthcare accessible to people in small towns and villages.

The firm uses a hybrid model to schedule appointments, provide teleconsultations, deliver medicine, address the diagnostic needs of patients, and facilitate admission for tertiary care at partner hospitals via a transparent booking model and concierge services.

At present, CureBay has 15 eClinics across multiple remote districts and villages of Odisha and has helped over 10,000 patients in areas where immediate medical facilities are not easily available.

“We at Elevar Equity have long held the view that rural healthcare platforms need to be custom-designed for this market. CureBay’s blended distribution model with assisted tech is well-positioned to address a massive gap – millions of customers are eager to pay for quality healthcare in medically underserved areas,

“Priyadarshi, along with Shobhan and Sanjay form a rare founding team in terms of skill sets and each one is personally passionate about the ambition. We are excited to partner with them and contribute our experience in scaling organizations,” said Jyotsna Krishnan, Managing Partner of Elevar Equity.

Since its inception, CureBay has built a robust fulfilment model that helps connect patients in underserved markets to healthcare providers through a full tech stack.

The firm’s trained healthcare workers at the eClinics assist walk-in patients to connect them with city-based doctors for video consultations.

CureBay’s technology enables doctors to access detailed and personalized patient records, thus helping them to deliver a high-quality diagnosis, equivalent to a physical consultation. Patients also have access to a network of certified partner labs as well as hospitals for specialized treatment, along with the option to get prescribed medicines delivered to them directly through the eClinics.

Equipped with the newly raised capital, Curebay is committed to revolutionizing access to primary healthcare in rural India.

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