After a decade’s journey of innovation and development, the Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Conference (OTEC) has now officially been upgraded to the Chaoyang International Talent Entrepreneurship Conference (“ITEC”).

The theme of the ITEC 2022 is “Gathering International Talents and Innovating the Digital Economy” and the event this year includes ITEC Global Entrepreneurship Competition, ITEC International Innovation Summit, ITEC Ecological Partner Innovation Conference, etc.

The newly upgraded ITEC Global Entrepreneurship Competition is now seeking startups globally to join. The competition this year consists of the Chinese-Mainland and Overseas divisions, and the participants will be categorized into “Early-Stage” and “Growth-Stage”.

The Overseas division tracks are based on regions and sub-regions, including North America, Europe, South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, or Others.

Registration for the Overseas division tracks starts now until November 16, 2022.

The qualifying pitching dates:

North America (Digital Economy) Pitch – November 23, 2022

European Union (Sustainability) Pitch – November 24, 2022

The competition focuses on attracting high-quality, innovative, and entrepreneurial projects and talents from all around the world. In addition, the organizing committee will work with industry-leading enterprises to offer larger prize awards, improved mentorship, and industry networking opportunities.

Winners of the ITEC Global Entrepreneurship Competition will be awarded prizes up to RMB22 million ($3 million). Winners will also be able to get fast-track access and resources to set up their businesses in Beijing Chaoyang District.

Register now at:



1. Application
September 16 – November 25, 2022
Online registration through the official competition channel

2. Preliminary Round
Late November 2022
Online screening of the submitted projects

3. Secondary Round
Early December 2022
Virtual roadshow to shortlist for on-site investigation

4. On-site investigation
Mid- December 2022
On-site investigation (review) of the participating projects

5. Global Finals
Late December 2022
In-person roadshow to determine winners

Organizing units

Guidance Unit: Leading Group of Talent Work of Chaoyang District Committee of Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China

Host Unit: Office of the Leading Group of Talent Work of Chaoyang District Committee of Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Organizer: Wangjing Overseas Students Pioneer Park

Co-Organizers: Beijing Chaoyang High-level Talents Service Center, Chaoyang District Commission of Development and Reform of Beijing Municipality, Chaoyang District Bureau of Science and Information Technology of Beijing Municipality, Chaoyang District Bureau of Commerce of Beijing Municipality, Chaoyang District Financial Service Office of Beijing Municipality, Beijing Administrative Committee of Central Business District, Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Chaoyang Park, Beijing Administrative Committee of Central Olympic District, Administrative Committee of National Cultural Innovation Zone of Beijing Chaoyang District, Beijing Chaoyang District Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, Chaoyang District Association for Science and Technology of Beijing Municipality.

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