Capital A’s digital businesses, airasia super app achieved 9.5 million average Monthly Active Users (MAU) in the third quarter of 2022, up 161 percent compared to the same period last year.

Capital A said in a statement on Wednesday the number of transactions for digital businesses increased substantially by 1953 percent for year on year comparison and 139 percent quarter on quarter.

The improved performance is mainly attributed to its travel vertical where bookings on its online travel agents (OTA) platform (FlyBeyond, offering flights from 700 carriers globally) alongside AirAsia flights, as well as its hotels booking platform have increased in line with the huge resurgence in travel demand, and the rollout of numerous sales campaigns such as SUPER Travel Fest, SUPER Flash Sale and the first of its kind 5 million FREE SEATs sale during the quarter.

As for airasia Ride, the number of completed rides achieved more than 550,000 rides in the quarter.

Meanwhile, its BigPay’s carded users rose to 1.26 million in the third quarter of 2022, recording a 48 percent year on year and 4 percent quarter on quarter increase.

According to Capital A, BigPay’s user growth kept pace with last quarter with higher travel recovery momentum driving organic growth.

The growth was enabled by the launch of more products including Stashes, a budgeting and saving tool to enable users to save and meet their financial goals; 35 new remittance corridors across Europe and the United Kingdom; and full availability of BigPay’s personal loans across the user base.

For Capital A’s logistics business, Teleport transported 26,667 tonnes in the third quarter of 2022, up 21 percent quarter on quarter mainly due to an increase in international belly capacity to capture more market share.

Delivery orders continued to achieve another record-breaking quarter with 2.7 million delivery orders, up 136 percent quarter on quarter. The outstanding growth of delivery orders was due to Teleport securing new marketplace partners.

Meanwhile, Capital A’s consolidated airlines continue to recover strongly with another record quarterly load factor of 86 percent since the onset of the pandemic.

The consolidated airlines carried over 7.1 million passengers, a 1925 percent increase year-on-year and 28 percent increase quarter-on-quarter.

In this quarter, the group’s consolidated airlines operated a total of 68 aircraft, restoring 48 aircraft to service compared to a year ago.

The consolidated airlines flew close to 45,000 flights in the quarter, up 1460 percent year on year from less than 3,000 flights flown in the same period last year and with more than 9,000 flights compared to the preceding quarter, supported by the upsurge in domestic and international travel demand in our key markets.

Seats sold for domestic and international flights increased by 10 percent and 107 percent quarter on quarter respectively, signalling a strong rebound for international flight services.

Correspondingly, available seat kilometres (ASK) rose by 1760 percent year on year while revenue passenger kilometres (RPK) increased by 2408 percent year on year.

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