Top trade associations in Singapore namely the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI), the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS), and the premier trade association for the tech industries in Singapore, SGTech, through a memorandum of understanding launched a new sustainability alliance.

The trio said in a statement the alliance is geared towards adoption of industry-wide enabling initiatives on reducing waste and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through adopting clean energy matrices, technologies, and practices, as well as policy and finance, to facilitate businesses particularly small and medium businesses (SMEs) in achieving measurable transformations towards meeting Singapore green plan targets.

The alliance will be focused on creating programmes that (1) guide and support Singapore businesses in particular SMEs in adopting sustainable technologies and practices that reduce wastes and GHG emissions; (2) grow local demand and supply for sustainability professionals familiar with technology-enabled sustainable solutions; (3) drive research and thought leadership in waste and emissions reduction by producing studies and insights to solve problems together with the Singapore government; and (4) collaborate with the Singapore government policy makers in developing policy and regulations that further the Singapore Green Plan and position Singapore as a regional leader in sustainability.

As founding members of the alliance, the trade organisations aspire to grow by enjoining other trade associations and chambers who shall enjoy the same benefits of the initiatives arising from the alliance.

“It is my pleasure, and an honour, to chair the Sustainability Alliance, a one-of-a-kind collaboration to build a better future for Singapore. The alliance will serve as a voice representing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in providing feedback to policy makers,

“It will also help companies identify sustainability as a business opportunity to grow their businesses long term and drive the green transition,” said Chair of the Sustainability Alliance Frank Phuan.

Meanwhile, SCCCI President Kho Choon Keng said Sustainability is a megatrend to be reckoned with.

“Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) play an important role to partner with government agencies to onboard more SMEs, and accelerate the pace of SMEs’ pursuit of sustainability to build new capabilities and reap new opportunities arising from the green economy,” he said.

“TACs are also well-placed to aggregate the common needs of SMEs in their pursuit of sustainability.

“In this regard, we are pleased to partner SEAS and SGTech, and more TACs in due course, in collaboration to develop programs to support SMEs to adopt technology that enable sustainability improvements and make the transition to sustainable energy solutions,” he added.

SEAS Chairman Edwin Khew said as Singapore aims to position itself as Asia’s clean energy hub and strengthen its commitment to combat climate change, leveraging renewable energy to meet energy demand becomes even more essential.

“We hope that this alliance will be the platform to enable the drive towards the adoption of sustainable energy practices and technologies by SMEs and large companies alike,” he said.

SGTech Chair Wong Wai Meng said SGTech believes that technology must be and will be the enabler for sustainability.

“To achieve this, businesses need to recognise and embrace the challenges presented by striving for environmentally sustainable business practices and create products and services that solve these problems. Singapore’s thriving ecosystem of technology companies can work together to transform Singapore into a green and circular economy,

“Through this Alliance, we hope that this will be the platform to drive the adoption of technologies and technology-enabled sustainability solutions among businesses,” he added.

Enterprise SG’s Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Urban Solutions, Sustainability and Enterprise Finance, Geoffrey Yeo said embracing sustainability will help SMEs become more competitive and capture new opportunities from the growing demand in sustainable products and services.

“The alliance is a good ground-up initiative to create a platform to connect TACs and enterprises to technology and energy solutions. We look forward to working with the Alliance to drive the implementation of sustainability practices among enterprises,” he added.

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