ImBee, a Hong Kong-headquartered chat management platform, announced Monday that it has raised $5 million in Series A funding led by DCM, a global venture capital firm, to advance its platform offerings, go deeper into existing markets and expand its footprint in the Asia-Pacific region.

Levering imBee’s success in delivering its bespoke ‘One-chat Experience’, imBee said in a statement that this series A funding is expected to help scale up its business and deploy its business model on an international level.

Through imBee multi-chat management platform, the world’s leading financial and professional services firms, such as banks, securities companies, insurers and property developers, can now collaborate and communicate internally and externally on a single interface, and further drive effectiveness and efficiency.

According to the statement, digital transformation spurred by Covid-19 has shifted how businesses engage their target audience with growing touchpoints across the entire customer journey.

To address these challenges, imBee has shaken up the communication channel management landscape by connecting the front and back offices with its chat management solutions.

External communication channels such as WhatsApp Business API, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, can now be integrated into an all-in-one platform that is linked to the internal communication system of a company.

ImBee’s capabilities also include integrations with Microsoft Teams and its existing native workflow engine with over 360 applications, i.e. Salesforce and Hubspot; to streamline communications between internal and external customers.

ImBee has also unlocked opportunities for companies to engage customers in real-time through its exclusive, highly secured ISO 27001 certified One Team Inbox.

To provide the highest level of data security, imBee platform is built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure.

Hence, companies can easily meet the security requirements at enterprise levels and fulfill their data governance and compliance needs.

“I am extremely pleased that DCM and other investors have recognized the need of creating an integrated chat management platform that pushes efficient communication to the forefront,” said Ken Chu, Chief Executive Officer of imBee.

“Businesses will benefit from boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction, and higher conversion rates. We will continue to navigate challenges with businesses across sectors with a customer-first approach,

“We are very much looking forward to using this capital to expand product features, such as digital Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and identity verification, and bring the imBee experience to companies across Asia Pacific,” he added.

ImBee leads an enterprise-focused market and has taken up the philosophy of nurturing customer engagement and strives to reinvent the conventional volume-driven organization of customer services into a personalized customer-centric journey.

Prioritizing enterprises’ need to handle a huge volume of customer enquiries, its solution empowers collaboration and personalization for a solid foundation to gain customer loyalty and engagement, creating essential upselling opportunities and profits for businesses.

With easy drag and drop flows, the self-service platform of imBee eliminates unnecessary barriers within internal team operations, boosts productivity and generates revenue. A wide range of companies is already benefiting from imBee’s solutions, inc

“We are excited to debut our first-ever Hong Kong customer management startup investment. We can foresee imBee taking center stage for business and customer chat management within the tech world in the coming years.” said Hurst Lin, General Partner of DCM.

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