HeadsUp, the Singapore-based conversion engine for product led sales, announced Wednesday that it has closed $8.5 million in seed funding from top software as a service (SaaS) venture capitals, as well as operators at fast-growing SaaS companies.

HeadsUp said in a statement that this round of funding was led by 645 Ventures, with participation from Wing Venture Capital, Firstminute Capital, and Character.

Other investors include the founders of Drift, Algolia, and Crossbeam, as well as senior go-to-market (GTM) leaders at companies such as Asana, Amplitude, and Miro.

“Data is often inaccessible to GTM teams. Even when companies can pull the data out from all these silo-ed databases, GTM teams are often burdened with the task of interpreting the data,

“Sales reps aren’t hired to be analysts, so results are varied and it takes longer for reps to ramp up as they have to learn to triangulate between data and the business.” said Earl Lee, Co-Founder of HeadsUp.

“Instead, our platform has already helped customers double their conversion rates. We do this by replacing their existing process, which requires their teams to eyeball the data and draw their own conclusions, with a ML model trained on their data and that of other SaaS companies,

“We also integrate with sales and marketing tools so they can automatically engage the customers using HeadsUp,” he added.

HeadsUp is a customer lifecycle intelligence and orchestration platform for modern SaaS GTM teams. It analyzes all data to tell companies which users to engage and when to best engage them.

It helps GTM teams with any of their objectives, from finding users who are stuck in activation, to identifying upsell opportunities or churn risks.

“If you look at SaaS companies today, there is an increasing pressure in this new economic environment to be more productive and efficient,” said Momo Ong, another Co-Founder of HeadsUp.

“They have to grow revenue without growing sales headcount or marketing dollars. And we are providing a way to achieve this by better monetizing their user base. Our solution also brings results fast,

“Usually companies spend months setting something up internally. These internal tools are also clunky, requiring teams to do their own analyses. Our ML-powered product only shows reps what the data points that actually matter,” she added.

According to the statement, HeadsUp is working with many fast-growing SaaS companies as design partners, such as Contentful.

This round of funding will enable the company to build towards its vision of being the customer lifecycle intelligence and orchestration platform.

“In an ideal world GTM teams know when and how exactly to engage each account as they progress through the customer journey,” said Aaron Holiday, Co-founder and Managing Partner of 645 Ventures.

“For example, the GTM team can tease out which users of a Dev Tool product need help using the product and unlocking value and which users are ready for an upsell convo to roll the product to the rest of their organization, having tested the product individually,” he added.

Wing Venture Capital’s Partner Zach DeWitt said data is not only hard to access by non-technical GTM teams, but even harder to turn into insights and operationalize.

“The modern SaaS company collects a ton of usage and customer data, and existing sales and marketing tools are just not built for that,

“As a result, GTM efforts either jump the gun and annoy users by trying to sell them the product when they are still exploring, or completely miss out on great opportunities,” he said.

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