Bhanzu, an India-based math learning platform, announced Thursday that it has raised $15 million in Series A funding led by global investment firm Eight Roads Ventures.

Another global investor B Capital, also invested in the round from its Ascent Fund, Bhanzu said in a statement.

According to the statement, Bhanzu will utilise the funding to expand its business globally across multiple geographies, enhance its tech infrastructure to create an extraordinary student learning experience, increase its workforce, and strengthen its curriculum with more interesting and outcome-focused content.

Bhanzu also aims to develop curriculum in multiple languages to better cater to the various local audiences across Asia.

The company plans to expand its operations across multiple geographies to reach a larger number of students and to eradicate global math phobia among students where every student can learn and love math.

“With this new development, we envision becoming the world’s largest and most impactful math education entity in the next few years. We will utilise the funding to accelerate expansion across geographies and strengthen our technology infrastructure to enhance students’ experience,” said Neelakantha Bhanu, Chief Executive Officer of Bhanzu.

“Every student is capable of learning and loving math, if taught the right way. With the Bhanzu Way of teaching math, we want to eradicate global math phobia. We are excited to take #BhanzuRevolution globally,” he added.

Founded in 2020 by Neelakantha Bhanu, Bhanzu is a global math learning platform that has been revolutionising the way students learn math for a better world.

The company offers learning programs in mathematics for students between the age of 6-16 years, and helps students become four times quicker and better at mathematics, and more importantly builds the right foundation for students to develop cognitive abilities.

Bhanzu’s curriculum is personally curated by Neelakantha Bhanu after expansive data collection and research over the span of four years across the globe, which circles around questioning the very foundation of math learning by building a bottom-up approach.

The firm envisions making math a sporting culture around math learning and an integral part of pop culture.

“We are big believers in the potential of Indian education companies to solve global learning challenges over the next decade. Low math proficiency is a deep problem driven by lack of skilled teachers, poor engagement and math anxiety in students,” said Aditya Systla, Partner of Eight Roads Ventures.

“We have been very impressed with Bhanzu’s proprietary pedagogy and curriculum which results in superior learning outcomes, cognitive development and future readiness,

“We are excited to partner with Bhanu and his team as they re-imagine math learning for the 21 st century and their mission to build a global brand,” he added.

Bhanzu believes that the way mathematics is introduced to students has to be tailored to the individual. Hence it is working towards recommending personalised learning pathways based on user engagement.

The firm is also set to promote math, as a competitive sport by building competition ecosystems.

The firm currently has over 400 people working diligently to impact millions of students across the globe and will expand and recruit high-impact talent who are ready to take the business to the next level across different verticals.

“We believe that Bhanzu is solving a large challenge faced by students and is enabling every child an enjoyable math learning experience,” said B Capital Partner Karan Mohla.

“Bhanzu has been created to inculcate a love for math with innovative learning techniques and establish itself as the world’s most thought-through holistic math curriculum,

“We are thrilled to back Bhanzu to revolutionise global math learning through its story narratives with focus on leveraging technology and data,” he added.

Bhanzu had previously raised a seed funding amount of $2 million in 2021. The seed funding round was led by Lightspeed and a few other prominent angel investors.

The funding was deployed in scaling up its live virtual classes across India and accelerating hiring for specialised technology and product teams.

“We are excited to partner with Bhanzu and Bhanu – The World’s Fastest Human Calculator in their journey to transform the way students learn mathematics for a better world,” said Shuvi Shrivastava, Partner at Lightspeed India.

“Bhanzu’s bottom-up strategy has a lot of opportunities as it assists students in learning and mastering STEM topics in a short period,” he added.

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