ITSBLOC, a South Korea-based web 3.0 game platform, announced Wednesday that it successfully closed $7.5 million in an investment round.

In particular, in institutional investment round, a total of eight institutions including Vista Labs, Nexus one, Edimus Capital, Atlas Capital, Bull&Bear, and three other institutions participated, ITSBLOC said in a statement.

The attracted investment will be used to advance the platform, obtain additional web 3.0 games IPs, and perform marketing activities to vitalize the community.

In addition to the successful investment round, ITSBLOC is working together with multiple global partners, entrenching the web 3.0 business structure.

The company has signed partnerships with games and platforms specializing in web 3.0 such as Metarun, Kyberdyne, Firework Games, Gamers, X-rush, etc. for aggressive global co-marketing, and is starting to build connections with a number of web 3.0 guilds, starting with AFKDAO.

“Because our goal is to activate and expand the market base of web 3.0 games, we are focusing on fun, which is the essence of games, instead of creating short-term profits,

“We are planning to exert every effort to vitalize the open game service platform, achieve early settlement of the ecosystem and advance the platform, and obtain high-quality web 3.0 games IPs,”said ITSBLOC.

ITSBLOC is a platform exclusively developed for web 3.0 games, based on Polygon.

With technologies for platform operation and blockchain to build and activate play to earn (P2E) systems such as Wallet, Swap, Dex, etc., it has continued to form a range of global alliances.

In particular, what differentiates this platform from other P2E systems is that it offers high-quality games exclusively for web 3.0 games that will be on-chain from the third quarter of 2022, a season-based system, and attractive content where users can “earn as much as they enjoy.”

Thanks to the innovative P2E platform, its expertise, and other favorable factors, this investment round is known to have succeeded in attracting an investment sum of $7.5 million, a figure that exceeded the original target.

According to ITSBLOC, the reason for the unexpectedly strong performance included platform on-chain confirmation of DK Mobile ‘The Origin’ (Web2.0), recorded Top-Ranking for more than two weeks immediately after its release in the Android Market in August, and the addition of another web 3.0 dedicated MMORPG masterpiece at the end of 2022 to the ITSBLOC platform.

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