Singapore-based revenue operations solution provider is addressing the ‘CRM data leakage’ problem and has launched the general availability of its artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled revenue activity capture and intelligence solution.

Nektar said in a statement its no-code platform automatically captures revenue activity data from email, calendar, chat, and social across all touchpoints in the customer lifecycle.

Backed by B Capital Group, 3One4 Capital, and Nexus Venture Partners, Nektar raised a $6 million seed round in August 2021 and had been working with early customers in stealth mode.

“In this downturn, with capital becoming expensive, we’re seeing the aftermath of the ‘growth at all costs’ mindset – budget cuts, layoffs (specifically within GTM teams), and smaller revenue stacks. Achieving (hyper)growth with minimal resources requires a different mindset,

“We’ve now entered the era of ‘Productivity at all costs’. The focus must shift towards capital-efficient growth. Nektar’s revenue operations platform promises automated CRM data enrichment, rep productivity, and revenue predictability,” said Nektar Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Abhijeet Vijayvergiya.

According to the statement, RevTech solutions are rapidly gaining popularity for their ability to offer predictable revenue growth. However, most solutions rely on CRM data, which is always incomplete and outdated. Poor data also leads to poor insights.

This is why Nektar has taken a radically different approach – making it a timely solution, especially in this downturn.

“We decided to get to the root of the problem of predictable growth – which we found to be siloed revenue data. So we adopted a data-first strategy where we capture data from customer-facing teams’ (prospecting, presales, sales, customer success, account management) GTM (Google Tag Manager) tools – inbox, chats, calls, and social and unify it within the CRM,

“By reinstating the CRM as the true system of record, leadership teams can rely on fuller performance reports and gain unprecedented visibility into their pipeline activities. We also deployed a lego-like backend architecture that makes Nektar easy to use and flexible to address unique and advanced use-cases,” Nektar Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder Aravind Ravi Sulekha said.

Nektar also addresses the popular pet peeves of sales leadership teams – software adoption and return on investment (ROI) of sales tech stack. This is where Nektar’s artificial intelligence comes in.

A significant portion of its $8.1 million seed fund was invested in data science capabilities. The entire data capture process (across all tools) requires zero user adoption – it’s completely automated.

So customer-facing teams, especially sales reps, can focus more on revenue-generating activities.

Additionally, since Nektar fills all data gaps in a CRM, other sales tools (that rely on CRM data) start becoming smarter because they’re fed cleaner and complete data.

Nektar is a fully remote, work from anywhere company that has grown to 32 people distributed across 7 countries with over 1500+ users on the platform.

Now that the startup has emerged from stealth, and will spend the rest of the year focusing on its go-to-market strategy and on hiring.

Nektar is also hoping to snatch up some of the recently laid-off tech talents.

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