Indian crypto firm Polygon is teaming up with South Korean gaming firm Neowiz Corporation to launch a brand new Web3 gaming platform Intella X, to bring some of Neowiz’s popular gaming IPs to Web3.

Exercising the core principles of user ownership in Web3, Intella X is designed to distribute the shares of all generated revenue back to the contributors of the ecosystem, Polygon said in a statement.

According to the statement, there will be multiple ways to contribute and earn on Intella X. All users can begin by either staking or providing liquidity in the proprietary DEX and earning yield from Intella X’s native IX Token.

Additionally, users can earn IX by playing individual games and subsequently swapping any unique game tokens offered for IX through the exchange. The projects that build and release on Intella X will be compensated in IX Token and with a cut of the platform’s revenue, including in-app purchases, relevant fees, and more.

This system is known as “Develop and Earn.” The algorithm considers both on-chain and off-chain data to determine the contribution rate for each developer’s game. This allows developers to focus on what they do best without worrying about other factors to earn their shares of the monthly distributed rewards.

At launch, Intella X’s lineup will include two social casino games, ‘House of Poker’ and ‘House of Slots.’ A host of fan favorites from Neowiz are also lined up for release, including the popular Cats & Soup, Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A), Crypto Golf Impact, and Brave Nine.

Multiple new blockchain games from the popular IP are also anticipated to launch in 2023, alongside a new PFP NFT project titled “Early Retired Cats Club.”

Also launching alongside the platform is Intella X’s proprietary wallet, “IX Wallet.” This wallet is optimized for game services but can also interact with any DeFi application such as DEXes, Bridges, non-fungible token (NFT) Launchpads, NFT Marketplaces, and more.

Intella X is being built on top of Polygon’s network to leverage cheaper and faster transactions while maintaining Ethereum’s robust security and decentralization. The platform is being created with the intent to expand its services to other networks at some point in the future.

Polygon is already works with several prominent gaming developers and publishers, including Atari, Ubisoft, Animoca, Wildcard, and Tilting point. Neowiz and Polygon are actively cooperating in various fields such as the latest technology support, network infrastructure, and global marketing. secures operating licenses in South Korea