Southeast Asia data-driven loyalty and e-commerce ecosystem Society Pass Incorporated (SoPa) (Nasdaq: SOPA) announced on Monday the launch of the beta version of its universal, open-loop loyalty application, Society Pass, to earn and redeem loyalty points, Society Points, endeavoring to create permanent customer loyalty and replace cash discounting while generating additional revenues for merchants.

Digital loyalty programs are key to customer retention within highly competitive verticals and now call for interconnected experiences more than ever. E-commerce shoppers demand multiple touchpoints to purchase goods and services, earn redeem loyalty points, and refer friends with frictionless ease. Society Pass’ multi-brand ecosystem allows consumers to earn and redeem points at numerous types of retailers, whilst facilitating a unified approach to customer rewards and incentives for merchants.

SoPa management expects to fine tune and integrate the beta version of its loyalty platform with selected groups of consumers and merchants in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore in 2H 2022. With the view of hard launching the loyalty platform in 4Q 2022, at such time, users can pay for goods and services in-store, in-app or online. Society Pass’ digital wallet allows users to pay for goods and services by scanning QR Codes and making payments via credit card, debit card, or Society Points. SoPa aims to provide an easy and convenient online e-commerce shopping experience, with a single UI/UX that integrates with all the businesses within its ecosystem.

Dennis Nguyen, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SoPa commented on the launch of the beta version of Society Pass: “The Southeast Asian retail sector is at the cusp of a massive transformation powered by the data-driven meta economy. We designed a gorgeous user interface backed by sophisticated backend end infrastructure to kickstart a virtuous cycle of revenue generation and loyalty creation, where Society Pass and Society Points generate more revenues for merchants by retaining existing customers, attracting new customers, reducing customer turnover, and syncing customer data through real-time, personalized marketing campaigns. SoPa aggregates data across various touch points which builds a realistic view of consumer behavior”.

“As we said in our IPO last November 2021, we introduce Society Pass in 2Q 2022 with the view of creating permanent customer loyalty for merchants by designing unique, personalized experiences consumers and make shopping even more rewarding across our family of brands. Our business strategy encourages cross-vertical shopping, ultimately keeping an increasing share of wallets within SoPa’s ecosystem. We are confident that our customers will redirect their spending to where they gain the most value: our loyalty program,” Dennis Nguyen added.

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