Gogoro Inc., a Taiwan-based battery swapping ecosystems provider, announced Thursday it is partnering with Israeli two-wheel vehicle distributor Metro Motor and Israeli gas and energy company Paz Group to launch its battery swapping platform and smartscooters in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area this summer and other cities in Israel in the future.

“”We are excited to be launching in Israel, one of the most innovative and technology forward countries in the world to establish a new era of urban two-wheel mobility. We are partnering with two industry leaders Metro Motor and Paz, to bring Gogoro’s next generation battery swapping ecosystem to the Tel Aviv metro area this summer and additional cities in the future,” Gogoro Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer Horace Luke said in a statement.

“Gogoro was created to introduce a mass market shift to sustainable energy in densely populated cities by establishing an intelligent urban ecosystem that introduces a new refueling system for electric two-wheel vehicles. Today, Gogoro manages more than 350,000 battery swaps per day and since 2015 has exceeded 275 million battery swaps,” he added.

Founded in 2011 to rethink urban energy and inspire the world to move through cities in smarter and more sustainable ways, Gogoro leverages the power of innovation to change the way urban energy is distributed and consumed. At the heart of Gogoro’s ecosystem is the Gogoro Network, an open and interoperable battery swapping platform.

Gogoro Network is a new generation of swappable battery refueling that is smart, scalable, and continually optimizing itself to be dynamic and versatile for people, communities, and businesses. With more than 465,000 riders and over 10,000 battery swapping GoStations at over 2,185 locations, Gogoro Network is hosting 350,000 daily battery swaps with more than 275 million total battery swaps to date.

“We are proud to announce our collaboration with Gogoro and excited to begin marketing their innovative smartscooters in Israel. The introduction of Gogoro into the Israeli market is excellent news for two-wheeler enthusiasts and is likely to be a significant growth engine for the company, ever deepening its presence in the electric two-wheeler market,” said Gadi Aviram, the chairman of the board of Metro Motor.

“This new collaboration aligns with Metro Motor’s vision of constantly updating the standards by which they operate, maintaining the status as an industry-leader. We provide the public optimization of user experience, fashion, environmental protection, and affective economic package,” he added.

Metro Motors Ltd. is Israel’s largest power-sports distributor for motorcycles, all-terrain vehicle (ATVs), utility terrain vehicles (UTVs), and other leisure vehicles. Founded in 1981, the firm is the authorized suppliers of the world’s premier motorcycle brands: San Yang, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Beta, and Fantic. The company also retails off-road vehicles, commercial vehicles, and utility vehicles from the likes of Access, Segway, Marshell, and ‘Afikim’, an Israeli manufacturer of Mobility Scooters.

“Paz is proud to bring to Israel the amazing Gogoro Smartscooters – an innovative transportation solution tailored to the Israeli lifestyle. Paz will lead the ‘battery swapping’ platform for the scooters as part of the company’s electric vehicle charging department, and will offer dedicated services to users at our stations and through our app,” said Nir Stern, Chief Executive Officer of Paz.

The Paz Group is Israel’s leading energy corporation, operating real estate and industrial retail branches. It is traded publicly on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and is valued at NIS 5.5 billion ($1.6 billion). Paz has 270 refueling complexes nationwide, over 300 minimarkets, and a unique app with over one million users.

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