Athena Mentor, a Thai blockchain startup, on Wednesday introduced its core mentor-to-earn service with the key feature “wisdom mining”, whereby a user can receive Athena Mentor tokens by contributing as a mentor or participating as a mentee.

Athena Mentor said in a statement that the key feature of the service is users can transform their wisdom into crypto tokens, with the goal of distributing skills and experience from mentors to mentees worldwide.

To build the wisdom mining protocol, Athena Mentor also constructed a one-on-one video conference platform that rewards those who participate with its new Athena Mentor tokens. Anyone can use the platform and it is free to get started.

The company plans to reach 100,000 users by the year end and a million by the end of next year.

“Athena Mentor is one of the most important puzzle pieces in helping us achieve our goal of contributing one percent growth to Southeast Asia’s aggregated gross domestic product (GDP). Because of the work that RISE has done over the last five years with corporates, startups, executives, and innovators, we can launch Athena with over 300 mentors from 27 industries and 30 countries,” said Dr. Supachai “Kid” Parchariyanon, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of RISE.

Athena Mentor is a spin-off startup from RISE Corporate Innovation Powerhouse based in Southeast Asia which supports Athena Mentor by bringing in the top-notch mentors worldwide.

“Research on mentorships from Sun Microsystems indicates that those who have mentors are promoted five times faster than those who don’t. Nevertheless, workers face two major obstacles to establishing a fruitful mentorship experience: access and sustainability,

“Not only will we help solve the problem of mentor access, but we also ensure sustainability via the use of tokenomics. Ultimately, the exchange of skills, knowledge, and wisdom that Athena Mentor enables will help democratize wisdom worldwide,” Paramee Intarachumnum, the Product Lead at Athena Mentor.

According to the statement, anyone can start receiving tokens and using the platform for free by scheduling Coffee Chat, which is 15-minute session. If a mentee would like a longer meeting, premium mentorship services are available for a fee.

It said the reason that Athena Mentor rewards all types of user engagement is to build a high level of sustainability.

“Athena Mentor is only the starting point of our whole vision to democratize wisdom across the planet. Our long-term goal is to democratize wisdom across many areas, including hiring and coaching. Right now, however, our focus is on building the platform infrastructure, which is a blockchain-based economy allowing us to serve as the bridge from Web2 to Web3,

“First, users who hold and stake our Athena Mentor tokens will be able to access premium services and events exclusive only to token holders. Second, the mentoring fee will be lowered for token holders. Lastly, to fulfill the promise of mentor-to-earn, we will partner with other entities to enable the exchange of Athena Mentor tokens for fiat currencies, other cryptocurrencies, and goods and services,” said Viriya Reungwai, the Technology Lead of Athena Mentor.

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