Tribe, Singapore’s first government supported blockchain ecosystem builder, and Algorand Foundation, a United States-based blockchain network, announced Wednesday a strategic partnership that will see both organizations organize a series of initiatives to grow and support Web3 developers in Asia.

The partnership aims to attract more Web3 developer talent, upskill developers, provide support and resources where needed and drive education and talent management across the developer ecosystem, both parties said in a statement.

The Algorand Foundation is set to leverage its $1 billion Algo Ecosystem Fund to support the activation of Web3.0 developers around the globe – as part of this strategy, it will curate and organize a series of initiatives with Tribe that will be executed across 2022.

According to the statement, developers will have the opportunity to develop and build Web3 solutions on Algorand’s platform, learning how to use their decentralized technology while also earning cash reward.

Meanwhile, a number of Hackathons will be organized and held throughout 2022, challenging Web3 developers to solve problems and develop solutions on Algorand’s platform.

Tribe and Algorand Foundation will also create a resource hub that will contain a wide range of materials, curated curriculums and other resources for Web3
developers to share their experiences as well as address any feedback or challenges they face.

“Developers are the backbone to any successful Layer1 DeFi strategy. The Algorand Foundation wants to ensure we are creating a developer centric ecosystem, and we believe that our partnership with Tribe will help support this goal as developers go on this journey with us,” said Johanna Moran, Head of Dev Outreach Programs, Algorand Foundation.

Meanwhile, Tribe Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Yi Ming Ng said :“We are delighted to be working with Algorand Foundation to drive developer awareness and adoption of their technology. Our partnership with Algorand Foundation will go a long way towards furthering our aim of growing the Web3 developer ecosystem in Asia. Over the next 12 months, we look to engage around 15,000 developers and widen accessibility to Web3 to create more solutions that will lead to mass adoption and spur innovation in this space.”

Since its inception, Tribe has worked to expand the blockchain ecosystem in Asia through bridging the existing gaps in tech innovation, talent and education. With the focus of connecting startups and tech talents with leading opportunities, Tribe has driven various initiatives such as its learn-and-earn platform, to empower more Web2 and Web3 developers to learn the latest technologies and spur them to build innovative solutions.

According to the statement, with both Tribe and the Algorand Foundations’ commitment to bridge the gap between developer talent and the needs of the nascent Web3, this partnership will bring about exciting new opportunities and synergies.

Developers in Tribe’s network and the various communities it works with, such as Angelhack, one of the world’s largest global developer ecosystems, will now gain access to support, expertise and resources from the Algorand ecosystem.

Ultimately, this collaboration will engage a wider pool of Web2 developers in the region, support their leap into Web3, and fuel DeFi innovation in the space.

The Algorand Foundation works to create an open, public, and permissionless blockchain, forming an inclusive ecosystem that provides an opportunity for everyone to harness the potential of an equitable and borderless economy.

They regularly back organizations that support this aim through education, assistance and mentorship via their Ecosystem Fund, that helps teams and organisations that research or build secure and high-quality solutions for the Algorand ecosystem.

The programs will commence in June 2022. All events will be virtual owing to the decentralized and global nature of the developer community and are open to developers from Asia Pacific (APAC) and around the world.

Interested developers can head over to the Learn-and-Earn platform and get early access with code “ALGOPILOT”, where they can start learning the latest developer technologies in Web2 and Web3. This will allow them to be better equipped to tackle the forthcoming initiatives that will be pushed by Algorand and Tribe in the coming months.

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