Indonesia-based e-sports organization Rex Regum Qeon (also known as RRQ) on Tuesday launched its new project RRQ Guild in collaboration with tech startup Alterra, to expand blockchain based play-to-earn communities globally through its fanbase and online-to-offline (O2O) presence.

RRQ said in a statement that it teamed up with Indonesia’s business to business (B2B) tech company Alterra, to leverage the latter’s technology expertise and O2O presence in over 90 cities in Indonesia, operating as bill payment aggregator, software as a service (SaaS) provider, and tech academy.

This collaboration will enable RRQ Guild to target millions of scholars by combining online and offline communities, as well as introducing new scholars to the play-to-earn scheme, enabling them to earn additional income – approximately $50 to $150 per month, a relatively significant amount for most Indonesians.

With Alterra’s reach of more than 17,000 micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) combined with RRQ’s massive followings, RRQ Guild aims to become a platform to raise awareness and educate individuals as well as communities about
blockchain, including its games, wallets, and benefits.

These agents will become evangelists and help extend the reach through online and offline mediums. Alterra’s technology expertise in digital payment will also help RRQ Guild to build the tools to deliver the best experience and security features to the guild’s community.

Beyond introducing the pay-to-earn scheme to new scholars, through Alterra’s tech training program Alterra Academy, the collaboration will also support the development of e-games to create the best experience for scholars and drive technology development in the blockchain gaming segment, as well as produce the next generation of blockchain developers.

“We are not just building a guild, but also an ecosystem of gamers and blockchain games, with millions of scholars worldwide. We want to provide access for our communities to the global economy enabled by web3. We will be raising funds to expand the project and its reach, but more importantly, we are extending an invitation to investors, web3 builders, game developers, gamers, and non-gamers to unlock the potential of blockchain together and use it to bring social impact to real-life communities,” said RRQ Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Andrian Pauline.

Jakarta-based RRQ is the largest active e-sports market community in the region, with 50 pro players, and over 90 million following. Its teams compete in professional tournaments in multiple e-sports games, including Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, Valorant, FIFA, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and Sausage. Since it was founded in 2013, RRQ teams have won four world championships in addition to 250+ accolades. Now, the company is jumping into blockchain foray through its latest project: RRQ Guild – becoming the world’s first e-sport company to have its own web3 guild.

A guild itself, in the traditional gaming scene, is an organized group of video game players that regularly play together in one or more multiplayer games. Many guilds take part in gaming competitions, but some are just small squads consisting of friends.

With the rise of play-to-earn economy in the blockchain industry (also called web3) in recent years, guilds have evolved into organizations composed of investors, gamers, and managers that act as facilitating intermediaries by purchasing in-game items like land and in-game assets (including characters/avatars required to start playing the games) in the form of non fungible tokens NFTs, then lending them out for hundreds and thousands of players to play. Thus earning yields by using those gaming assets in the respective virtual worlds. The guilds will then generate revenue by sharing a portion of the earnings, which will be reinvested into the development of the gaming guild.

Within a month of RRQ Guild’s stealth launch, it has garnered close to 10,000 registered interest from active scholars (people playing for and with the guild). Currently the guild has tapped into several popular play-to-earn blockchain games.

RRQ Guild has onboarded a diverse founding team with extensive experience in gaming, crypto, technology, and education to lead this project. Led by Pauline, RRQ Guild welcomes three experts to its leadership: Maxie Soetandi, Co-Founder of FantomStarter; Ananto Wibisono, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Alterra; and Danny Limanto, Co-founder of beauty-healthtech startup Rata.

“Our dream is to drive blockchain innovation and adaptation in Indonesia and beyond – and play-to-earn games are a sweet spot to start. A combination of blockchain industry, online-to-offline approach, and the power of communities would be the key to unlocking the next stage of internet potential,” said Wibisono.

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