Flokq and Instahome, the online to offline long-term rental platforms in Indonesia and Malaysia, announced on Wednesday a partnership spanning marketing and distribution, leveraging off each other’s property inventory, technology capabilities, and know-how hinting towards a strong prop-tech alliance that is shaping up in the region.

Both parties said in a statement the partnership between the two companies will easily help students and professional workers coming to both countries find properties for their stay.

They opined that after the pandemic-related travel restrictions are listed, the medium-term travelers on business between the two countries will increase.

Cited a research published by Statista Research Department on October 4, 2021, they said that in 2020 alone, there were approximately 14,600 Indonesian workers in Malaysia. Also, cited the data from the embassy and the National Association of Malaysian Students in Indonesia (PKPMI), they said the number of Malaysian students in Indonesia before the outbreak began was 3,788.

The collaboration between the two companies will also leverage a strong product integration that will appeal to both markets while benefiting from each other’s platform and insights. This cross-border collaboration between the two companies will offer more than 100,000 exclusive and up-to-date rental listings through their platforms in Jakarta, Bali, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, over the next 6 months.

Instahome, which was founded in November 2020 by Eric Tan and Patrick Grove, a serial entrepreneur who founded multiple startups in the region with 6 initial public offerings (IPOs) including iProperty, iflix, iCar Asia and Rev Asia, have emerged as a leading player in the long-term rental space in Malaysia.

Flokq on the other hand was founded in late 2019, by Anand Janardhanan and Harmeet Singh in Jakarta. Earlier in 2021, they acquired Y-Combinator, Insignia backed
Yukstay establishing themselves as a leading platform in Indonesia. In a short amount of time, both of these companies have serviced thousands of customers.

“We are excited to partner with Flokq as we are both committed to building trust and transparency in the rental industry using top-notch design and technology. This win-win partnership will allow both our customers to enjoy high-quality and seamless home rental experience across Malaysia and Indonesia,” said Eric Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Instahome.

Meanwhile, Flokq Chief Executive Officer Anand Janardhanan said :“ With our alliance with Instahome, our collective marketing, inventory, distribution, and technology can bring positive changes to the long-term rental industry in Indonesia as well as Malaysia, both of these markets have large problems when it comes to quality of listings on classified sites, information gap, trust and a lack of quality home renting experience that conventional agents fail to provide. With this partnership, we can become leaders in our market and collectively solve a larger problem for the region.”

As a home rental platform in Malaysia, Instahome provides a seamless home rental experience for tenants, agents and landlords using our end-to-end digital platform from search, book to property management. It provides HD virtual tours for all the homes on our platform. Tenants can manage their homes using the platform to pay rent, collect rewards, find maintenance services and manage their relationship with the agents and landlords. It currently has over 10,000 units listed across Selangor and Kuala Lumpur and adding more than 1,500 listings every month now.

Flokq based in Indonesia started its business with serviced co-living / private apartments throughout Jakarta. Alongside its rental business, the company continues to supply agents, owners, and property managers with technology and data that facilitates transactions, manages properties, and improves the resident experience. It currently has over 10,000 units listed across Jakarta and Bali.

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