Shipsy, a software as a service (SaaS)-based smart logistics management platform provider in India, said Tuessday it will be setting up its regional headquarters (HQ) in Indonesia to strengthen its presence in Southeast Asia (SEA).

The regional HQ will enable the organization to provide faster, better and localized support to existing customers and drive new business growth in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, Shipsy said in a statement.

Southeast Asia is witnessing rapid growth in the retail, eCommerce, express logistics and on-demand delivery space. According to reports, eCommerce sales will nearly double to $254 billion by the end of 2026. The region’s online food delivery industry is already expected to treble in the coming five years and reach $28 billion in transactions. The regional presence will help Shipsy tap into these growing opportunities.

We are thrilled with the response we received in SEA. We have partnered with several large manufacturers and new age retailers in the past couple of quarters. A regional HQ will enable us to make these customers successful with local teams. Retail, eCommerce and on-demand delivery markets are booming. The region will witness an acute need for optimizing, enhancing and automating last-mile logistics operations. Also, to make logistics sustainable, businesses will see themselves embracing smart logistics management tools,” said Soham Chokshi, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Shipsy.

Shipsy also highlighted that the organization would aggressively increase its talent pool by onboarding professionals from Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand.

In 2021, to support a growing customer base in the Middle East, Shipsy established its regional HQ in Dubai. The company also clocked a growth rate of 2.5 times in the topline and grew its customer base by 75 percent.

Shipsy is already working with customers across Southeast Asia in the manufacturing, express logistics, retail, food delivery and quick commerce industries. Some of these include the world’s largest tyre manufacturers, the biggest manufacturer and distributor of confectionery, a leading quick commerce grocery provider, an international pizza delivery chain, a Fortune 100 global retailer, amongst others.

Shipsy empowers businesses across the globe to automate domestic and cross-border freight movement, which helps reduce delivery costs, enhance logistics visibility, improve driver management, leverage automation, shrink carbon footprint and boost customer experience.

It enables express logistics providers, restaurant chains, quick commerce brands and retailers to reduce last-mile delivery costs by 25 percent, reduce delivery turnaround time (TAT) by 30 percent, increase net promoter score by 18 percent, and curb order allocation time by 45 percent. It is empowering enterprises to ensure sustainable logistics operations and lower carbon emissions by reducing distance traveled and trip volumes by 5 percent and 6 percent, respectively.

The SaaS provider is also enabling manufacturers and exporters/importers to reduce freight costs by 10 percent, reduce person-hours invested in shipment handling by 75 percent and provides end-to-end visibility around container movement, thereby curbing incidental costs by up to 90 percent.