Global investment firm NPX Capital announced that the firm through its private equity arm NPX Private Equity has invested $43 million into South Korean digital content developer Copin Communications.

The investment by NPX Capital will be used to strengthen and diversify digital content production capabilities as well as to support business expansion overseas, targeting promising global markets including Europe, Japan, South America and Southeast Asia, NPX Capital said in a statement.

According to the statement, Copin Communications has been making strides to become a multi-contents studio, based on its plans to acquire and invest in drama production companies and gaming firms in Korea and abroad.

It said that NPX Capital is to leverage its know-how and experience to help strengthen its market position and support Copin Communications along its ways to become a competent player on the global stage.

In September 2021, NPX Capital made its first investment in Copin Communications worth $13 million, endorsing the content developer’s production capability and growth potential. Since then, NPX Capital has been closely cooperating with Copin Communications, which led to the additional $43 million investment for further supporting the firm’s plans and business expansion.

“In the rapidly changing global content industry, the works of Korean developers have been particularly under the heated attention from viewers around the world. This is not a temporary hype but a trend that reflects the Korean content’s potential and capabilities that can appeal to the world’s consumers continuously. NPX Capital will continue to support domestic content providers with endless potential, such as Copin Communications, to lead the global market,” said Samuel Hwang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NPX Capital.

Founded in 2017, Copin Communications is a digital content developer with specialties in character design, emoji, webtoon and animation productions. Using a 5-step system and one-source, multi-use (OSMU) strategy, Copin relies on its high quality production capability to grow into one of the fastest growing webtoon comprehensive studios. In terms of publication capacity, Copin Communications holds a dominant position in the market, having produced more works than the top 3 domestic webtoon firms in Korea combined through self-production and collaboration channels. The company also takes the edge by leveraging its AI technology to streamline production systems and improve quality of internal source utilization, which results in reducing production time.

“The market for digital content is entering a new and different chapter due to the development of innovative technologies as with virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and metaverse. Copin Communications will be committed to providing services in tune with the current trends to meet the changing consumer demands and expanding the arsenal of digital content production,” said Young Hak You, Chief Executive Officer of Copin Communications.

Established in 2016, NPX Capital is a global alternative investment firm that supports entrepreneurs through all stages of growth, from early stage to buyouts. Headquartered in South Korea and Los Angeles, NPX Capital has approximately 20 combined executives working in 4 offices in Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Los Angeles. The investment professionals at NPX Capital bring cutting edge insights leveraging their deep understanding of the local market and connect local businesses with NPX Capital’s global network to support portfolio company’s growth, acquisitions, and globalization.

Its notable portfolio companies include: Copin Communications; TOPCO, a global content firm that operates webtoon platform Toptoon; Smart Study, a global IP firm best known for Pinkfong; NPX Point Avenue, an edtech company that provides world-class comprehensive education services with a focus on the SE Asian market; Speakeasy Labs, a Silicon Valley edtech startup; Essenlix, a digital health and wellness company that developed iMOST, a personal diagnostic and self-test platform.

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