Tribe on Tuesday announced the launch of hacksingapore, in partnership with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Enterprise Singapore, Government Technology Agency and Temasek, a ground-up initiative to drive innovation in technology and solve some of the challenges that Singapore may potentially face in the coming years.

Tribe said in a statement that hacksingapore will take place from January to April 2022 and bring together technical and non-technical talents from Singapore to create solutions through blockchain, no-code/low-code and other digital technologies.

According to the statement, hacksingapore will consist of three tracks:

1.Blockchain and Trust – To spur innovation that addresses some of society’s pressing crises, while getting teams with working knowledge or interest in blockchain to work on creative ways of applying the blockchain technology to tackle real-world challenges.

2.No-Code/Low-Code – To enable participants without technical background an opportunity to showcase their talent and potential beyond traditional programming, through the utilisation of no-code (eg. AI/ML, Data, API, etc.) applications.

3.Future of Gaming – To meet the increasing demand for new gaming platforms and deeper levels of interaction, this track challenges teams to build video games or gaming tools that define the future of the gaming industry. Artists, coders, and technologists alike are encouraged to combine their strengths to work collaboratively on a project.

Comprehensive digital resources will be provided for participants by Tribe, supported by IMDA and its community partners, as well as consistent support and mentorship over the course of the hackathon.

Networking events will be organised to provide opportunities for participants to network, form teams, meet their mentors, attend sharing sessions from partners and more.

Weekly events such as “Hackers’ Space” and Mentors’ Office Hours will take place to allow teams to tap on the expertise of the organisers and partners. Regular community events featuring technical workshops and education sessions for teams and participants, will be held on several platforms, including the Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology (SWITCH) online platform.

Winners will be announced end-May 2022 in Singapore, with the winners receiving from a prize pool of S$35,000 ($25,836).

“Singapore has a vibrant, fast-growing tech scene with a wealth of talent that is waiting to be tapped. Furthermore, growing digitisation in Asia points to more opportunities for home-grown talent, hence it is vital that we identify and support Singapore-based technical and non-technical talent across a range of technologies.

“hacksingapore will allow us to bring together tech and non-tech talent and, supported by an ecosystem of mentors and experts, allow them to showcase their abilities in Blockchain, No-code and Gaming. We very much look forward to seeing what innovations they can create!” said Yi Ming Ng, Co-Founder of Tribe.

Tribe is Singapore’s first government supported platform in driving neutrality, collaboration and growth of the blockchain ecosystem.

It comprises OpenNodes, Tribe Accelerator, and Tribe Academy. These different initiatives come together to form a cohesive, multifaceted approach to provide a more comprehensive level of support for the deep tech ecosystem and bridge the existing gaps in tech solutions, talent, and education.

Tribe works closely with global corporations, government agencies, top-tier blockchain companies and late-stage startups to build a community that promotes blockchain collaborations and innovations. Tribe’s official partners include Enterprise Singapore, Pfizer, HSBC, Infineon Technologies, IMDA, BMW Group Asia, ConsenSys, IBM, Intel, Nielsen, PwC, R3, and Temasek amongst others.

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