BlockchainSpace, a guild hub for play-to-earn communities in Phillipines, recently raised US$3.75 million in seed-round funding with the aim to further establish itself as a guild hub leader in the metaverse.

The investment round was led by Animoca Brands, Spartan and Infinity Ventures Crypto. It also saw the participation of 3commas Capital, Arca, Bitscale, CMS, Coingecko, Fenbushi Capital, GBV Capital, Mechanism Capital, Parataxis Capital, Petrock Capital, Sfermion, Stablenode and YGG.

BlockchainSpace also has well-respected angel investors in the industry supporting the project, such as Gabby Dizon of YGG, Sebastien Borget of The Sandbox, Colin Goltra of Binance SEA, Chris Verceles of HaloDao, Darren Lau of The Daily Ape, and MrBlock.

BlockchainSpace said in a statement, the funds from this round will be used to enable a long-term vision that will accelerate and uplift the play-to-earn industry as a whole.

It said it will continue to develop new tools and features to help guild owners manage their finances by initially focusing on three key aspects: Guild performance monitoring, Guild Data Bank, and a Guild Financial bank to catalyze even stronger growth in the industry.

Beginning early next year, BlockchainSpace plans to introduce its Open Guild Marketplace, which, through the use of credit data, will allow for TradFi and DeFi integrations. Other upcoming features include automated credit scoring and loan issuance, as well as the deployment of its Ecosystem fund.

“We have been committed to onboarding new users into crypto for over three years. Play-to-earn has shown the world how this can be done without the typical barriers of KYC — upfront investment, complex technical understanding and guilds will be leading this,

“BlockchainSpace is committed to empowering all guilds to grow the ecosystem, and we are privileged to have prominent investors aligned in this vision, who, just like us, are committed to the long-term prosperity of the industry,” said Peter Ing, Chief Executive Officer of BlockchainSpace.

BlockchainSpace builds tools to empower play-to-earn communities, and also runs several of its own guilds to identify economic opportunities in play-to-earn games. The platform’s unique tools and features are designed to save guild operators time, provide valuable data and metrics, and give guilds access to capital, thus allowing them to focus on scaling their guild and improving performance. BlockchainSpace currently serves 2,000+ guilds and 545,000+ players.

“We see BlockchainSpace as a one-stop-shop that provides tooling and financing for guilds and gamers. Gaming guilds are becoming an essential part of the play-to-earn industry yet, they encounter scaling difficulties due to poor management.

“We believe what BlockchainSpace is building, in addition to its established traction, could solve this pain point by delivering three core solutions: Building community through education, empowering community through better performance tracking, and accelerating community growth through better structuring and incentivization,” said a spokesperson from Spartan Group.

A spokesperson from Infinity Ventures Crypto also said BlockchainSpace is solving a pain point that guilds all over the world are experiencing.

“Their vision to build guild management tools will forever revolutionize the way guilds interact with their scholars. We are excited to be co-leading this round along with Animoca Brands and Spartan Group,” the spokesperson said.