ORIGIN Conference is TechNode Global’s premier international content track about the latest developments in the Asia tech and startup scene where international industry leaders and technology innovators from across the region gather to share trends, experiences, and leadership lessons.

Emerging from a global pandemic in the backdrop of an exciting era for technology and innovation, ORIGIN Conference will be held at Macao this year inMay, as part of the BEYOND Expo week activity. This year’s theme is ‘Southeast Asia in Spotlight’.


EV & Mobility



Investment & M&A

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Speakers to be announced on 25 April

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How to Be Involved (FAQ)

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ORIGIN Conference aims to discuss the latest developments in pan-Asia’s tech and startup scene through our event with a lineup of international industry leaders and technology innovators who can impart valuable knowledge to help others succeed in this highly competitive market.

ORIGIN Conference 2023 held at Macao as part of the BEYOND Expo week offers a platform to showcase the best technological and innovative companies from Southeast Asia. Bridging Asia with the World, discussing crucial topics and connecting future-proofing businesses.

ORIGIN’s past speakers consist of:
– C-suites
– Senior Management representatives
– Investors (private & institutional)
– Industry Experts & Thought Leaders

As a rule of thumb:
// Keynote* – 1 speaker with presentation slides (15 mins)
// Fireside chat – 1 speaker and 1 moderator (15 mins)
// Panel discussion – 2~3 speakers and 1 moderator (30 – 40 mins)
*only Gold sponsors

We value the time and commitment of our speakers that will join us in Macao. Upon approval to speak, we will provide the speaker coverage for a return flight to and from the same destination and hotel accommodation from 9 – 11 May (3 nights). Our team will get in touch on the logistics after confirmation of the speaking arrangement.

Startups: 15%
SMEs: 10%
Corporates: 35%
Academia/Research Institutes: 10%
Accelerators/Incubators: 3%
Venture Capitalists: 15%
Government: 10%
Others: 2%

Committed to community, our events bring together entrepreneurs, professionals, and key decision makers from a wide range of sectors and industries to understand how technology is changing the world. With our vast connection within the China-ASEAN tech ecosystem and other regions, we are capable of providing an integrated package of solution specifically to meet your needs of outreach, be it within SEA, China or globally.

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TechNode is always on the lookout for opportunities and we are open to strategic partnerships because we believe the right brand collaboration can make a world of difference in the success of the event. Get in touch with us if the partnership below tickles your fancy:

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